Veenome Tag

What is Veenome Tag

Veenome Tag is an object tagging API. Objects are timecoded and can include products, people, things and places.  Veenome Tag provides extra granularity for targeting and SEO. It is also often used in video commerce implementations like clickable video when self tagging is not desired or feasible.

Why Veenome Tag?

Our customers tag their videos for a variety or purposes:

  • To create clickable, shoppable videos for e-commerce purposes. Products can be clicked on and purchased within the video. See below example.
  • To add extra metadata to their videos beyond Veenome Categorization to allow users to search for more specific subjects, objects and people.
  • To locate specific things in large swaths of video for legal discovery, security or intelligence purposes.

Tech Specs

  • JSON or XML delivery
  • Realtime response
  • Concurrent processing (many videos at once)
  • Unlimited volume – massive scaling
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Cloud (AWS) Infrastructure
  • Self service dashboard management or full service Veenome management

Customer defined object/product/person index or standard Veenome dataset.  Enquire for more details.

Free trials available.  Contact Us for more information.

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