Veenome Categorization

What is Veenome Categorization

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Veenome Categorization is a classification API that takes millions of impressions a day and automatically assigns them categories like: automotive, technology etc. The taxonomy or structure of those categories can be defined by our customers. Some use IAB categories, some use YouTube categories while others provide their own custom categories.

Why Veenome Categorization?

Our customers categorize their videos for a couple of reasons. Since it’s too labor intensive to categorize their videos manually they need a scalable solution to do it automatically. Uses include:

  • Run-time Content Targeting (CPM Lift): Video ad networks and publishers see a massive  CPM lift on their pre-roll advertisements when they have their videos arranged into specific subject areas where advertisers can run more subject specific campaigns.
  • Campaign Analysis and Auditing: Ad networks see rich analytics on their video ad campaigns including content category, player size, duration, autoplay factors and more. They can also see rich publisher content profiles.
  • SEO: Publishers and ad networks see more views(and revenue) for their videos because they are easier for their viewers to find when they are organized into surf-able categories.
  • Search: Quicker and more efficient analysis and placement of videos via internal indexed access.

Tech Specs

  • JSON or XML delivery
  • Realtime response
  • Concurrent processing (many videos at once)
  • Unlimited volume – massive scaling
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Cloud (AWS) Infrastructure
  • Self service dashboard management or full service Veenome management




Standard IAB Categories: IAB1 Arts & Entertainment, IAB2 Automotive, IAB3 Business, IAB4 Careers, IAB5 Education, IAB6 Family & Parenting, IAB7 Health & Fitnes, IAB8 Food & Drink, IAB9 Hobbies & Interests, IAB10 Home & Garden, IAB11 Law, Gov’t & Politics, IAB12 News, IAB13 Personal Finance, IAB14 Society, IAB15 Science, IAB16 Pets, IAB17 Sports, IAB18 Style & Fashion, IAB19 Technology & Computing, IAB20 Travel, IAB21 Real Estate, IAB22 Shopping, IAB23 Religion & Spirituality, IAB24 Uncategorized, IAB25 Non-Standard Content, IAB26 Illegal Content. IAB subcategories, UGC categories and emotional categories also available.


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