Feb 25th, 2014 – AOL On Tech
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Content Matters In Video Advertising

Veenome CEO & Founder, Kevin Lenane, sits down with Furious Minds CEO & Founder, Ashley Swartz, at the Beet Retreat 2014 to discuss video-content data and why its important when buying and selling media.

Feb 7th, 2014 – Logo

Innovid Inks Deal with Video Data Shop Veenome for Video Frame Categorization and Brand Safety

Video ad technology company Innovid struck a deal with the video data shop Veenome to provide deeper analytics into the true content of the actual videos that their customers run ads on, says Kevin Lenane, Founder and CEO of Veenome, during an interview at the Beet.TV executive retreat.  Under the deal, Innovid will use Veenome’s data for its work with agencies and brands.

Feb 5th, 2014 – Video Ad News

There is No Magic Bullet Definition or Detection Method for Viewability, But Maximizing Transparency Helps

Viewability – whether an ad is viewable or not – is an issue that continues to plague the video advertising industry. And make no mistake – somewhere out there there’s a parallel universe where the industry cracked the problem and saw significantly more big brand money flooding in. One of the tech vendors working to crack the problem is Veenome, a video ad tech company that also offers brand safety and video categorization solutions.

Feb 4th, 2014 – PRNewswire

Veenome Launches Real Time Video Publisher Content and Viewability Index

Veenome, Inc., a Washington DC and New York, NY based company that indexes the content of online video, launched a new product today called the Veenome Real-Time Publisher Index. The product is a subscription-based service that delivers average assimilated publisher data in real time

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Jan 30, 2014 – Ad Operations Online

Veenome Partners With Ad Server Innovid – Video Contextual and Viewability Data in Agencies’ and Brands’ Hands for the First Time

Veenome recently announced our partnership with leading interactive pre-roll creator and ad-server Innovid. Veenome will deliver data concerning the content of the videos to Innovid to help run their campaigns.

Nov 19, 2013 – Washington Business Journal

Veenome Launches Video Analytics Dashboard, Raises $1M

Veenome Inc. raised $1M from a mix of new and existing investors bringing their total funding to $1.9M. The company also rolled out a dashboard that analyzed data from the startup’s products including media detection(in-game, in-banner or in-stream), viewability, categorization, and brand safety.

August 22, 2013 – Logo

How Veenome is Bringing Brand Safety to the Long Tail | Video Ad News

Arlington-based startup Veenome is using some nifty-sounding analysis technology to help publishers get better bang for buck from their video. Now it’s about to process a whole lot more video, following a deal with the Collective video ad network.

August 19, 2013 – Video Ad News

How Veenome is Bringing Brand Safety to the Long Tail | Video Ad News

Kevin Lenane is CEO of Veenome, a viewability and verification company that works with a variety of clients, including ad networks/exchanges such as Collective and Brightroll. Here Kevin explains how many viewability and verification tools offer an incomplete view of the user experience.

August 12, 2013 – Bisnowimages

Veenome and Collective Partner on Viewability and Contextual Data

The Arlington, Va., startup, will provide 24-hour indexing for video viewability, autoplay, and categorization for Collective, a large NYC-based multi-format advertising firm.

March 25 2013 – Green Buzz

New Tool Can Help You See Your Video Ad’s Visibilitygreen_buzz_logo

A new product from Washington, D.C.-based Veenome, called Viewability, may be able to help brands monitor the visibility of their video ads.Viewability is available with other categorical products as well as a standalone service through Veenome’s API…

January 30, 2013 – Bloombergblomberg

Brightroll Overtakes Google in Video Views Race – Partners with Veenome

“Online video is finally at the scale that’s big enough for national advertisers,” said Sacerdoti…“It’s large enough to matter.” Co-founded in 2006 by Sacerdoti, BrightRoll has also partnered with Arlington, Virginia-based Veenome Inc., which helps advertisers find content and track campaigns.

December 12, 2012 – Video Ad News

How Veenome is Bringing Brand Safety to the Long Tail | Video Ad News

Veenome’s tech can also be used for segmentation, so networks can quickly sort through their inventory and place each video into the correct IAB category. “With AdTheorent we’re going to be using our technology to assist with enhancing their real-time targeting…

November 26, 2012 – TechCrunch

Veenome Raises Another $600K To Translate Video Content Into Machine-Readable Data | TechCrunch

Veenome, a startup that analyzes video content to improve ad targeting (as well as analytics and SEO), just announced that it has raised $600,000 in new funding. The company is also announcing a partnership with video ad network BrightRoll….

November 26, 2012 – Washington Post

The Download: Online video upstart Veenome raises $600K, partners with new customer

What’s more, the firm also now works with San Francisco-based BrightRoll, one of the world’s largest video ad networks. ComScore data show Americans viewed 11 billion online video ads in October, and BrightRoll captured the largest share of…

October 25, 2012-ITNEWSONLINE.COM 

Veenome Launches Real-time Video Content Targeting for Ad Network

Veenome announced today its most recent client: NY based AdTheorent, Inc, the creator and operator of the world’s first intelligent Real Time Bidding…

October 1, 2012 – Washington Business Journal

Video categorization gains high volume traction for Veenome – Washington Business Journal

The D.C. startup launched with big ambitions for recognizing, tagging and indexing specific products that are in digital videos. But one aspect of its business — categorization — is gaining real traction among content publishers and advertisers.

August 15, 2012 –

VIDEO Commentary: Video Metadata Critical for Online Video Advertising, Analyst Swartz

Being able to track, tag and log video will go a long ways to serving advertiser interests, she predicts. Keep an eye on companies that can handle complex tagging, metadata and visual data, such as Watchwith and Veenome. Tune into Swartz’ commentary for insight on how each company is driving key opportunities.

July 2, 2012 – PRNewswire

Veenome & Coull Partner to Turbocharge Video ROI

Veenome announced a partnership with UK-based Coull, the video optimization company, to extend both organizations’ data capabilities and video monetization offerings.

May 7, 2012 – Washington Post

Washington Post: Speaking of Advertising (Second Story)

Lenane said his company has signed a deal with video service to analyze the 50,000 videos its users upload each month. Other deals are in the works, he added.


March 13, 2012 – CBS Interactive

CNET conversations with hot startups of SXSW 2012

From our interview home at the Thirsty Nickel, we spoke with Dave Morin, the CEO of Path, who assured us that privacy is paramount for his company, or at least it is now. Veenome’s Kevin Lenane showed off some of our favorite new tech: the company’s video.

March 13, 2012 – CNET

VIDEO: CNET- Veenome: The future of interacting with video is here – CNET News

CEO Kevin Lenane talks about Veenome’s amazing product for identifying video and the endless possibilities for tagging, recommending and selling the products that you see.


February 10, 2012 – In The Capital

ITC: Watch Veenome Dominate At ‘Next Big Thing’ [Video]

The Paley Center for Media hosted a little panel presentation last evening as a part of their ‘Next Big Thing’ series. During this event (held once per quarter) companies get to pitch, field questions, debate, and wrap with prominent members of…

January 26, 2012 – Tech Cocktail

Tech Cocktail: The Future of Video Metadata, Automate Video Tags With Veenome

The same way Google added value to the Internet ecosystem by better indexing and searching text-based content, DC-based Veenome is pushing the envelope with video content. Beyond simply better categorizing and matching video content to other relevant on

January 20, 2012 – Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble

Veenome identifies objects in videos and lets viewers see more. Interesting technology. Will be interesting to see if it becomes more ubiquitous. Here I talk with +Kevin Lenane, CEO.

November 21, 2011 – Techcrunch

TechCrunch: Video Platform Startup Veenome Raises $500K From Ecosystem VC & Angels | TechCrunch

Washington, D.C.-based video indexing and discovery startup Veenome has raised $500, 000 in seed funding from Ecosystem Ventures (investors in Tube Mogul and Facebook), plus private angel investors from Google, Dingman Center Angels, as well as…

November 20, 2011 – Washington Post

Washington Post: District-based upstart Veenome lands $500K seed investment

Just six months after video technology firm Veenome got its start, a crop of angel investors have given the District-based company their blessing in the form of a $500,000 seed investment.


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