About Us

What we do

Veenome creates data from video impressions. Page URLs and/or ad impressions get sent to the Veenome API which detects every video on the page and extract information about the size, position, auto-play state and actual content of the real video stream. For content indexing, Veenome scans the actual visual frames of the video, producing highly accurate data.  The API can be used for:

    • -Automated IAB categorization or re-categorization of videos based on the real visual data for targeting and CPM lift
    • -Automated moderation/brand-safety-verification of videos from porn to copyright to “suggestive” spam
    • -Automated viewability statistics including auto-play, position, size, muting and more.
    • -Real time bid (RTB) classification using predictive analytics to give domain level averages                (ex: = 95%  Politics)
Contextual information that can be delivered includes:
  •   -Duration of video
  •   -Position of the video on the page
  •   -Media URL
  •   -Content Category
  •   -Brand Safety Category
  •   -Video file type
  •   -Autoplay detection
  •   -Video canvas size
  •   and more…

Through our client-facing dashboard, we allow you to view important metrics for both individual publishers and across the entire network.  These metrics include useful summaries such as the percentage of videos above the fold , the percentage of impressions that contain objectionable content, and categorical blend.

What you can do

As an ad network, ad server or other advertising technology organization it is crucial to understand the data within your video network. . Among the uses we frequently encounter:

  •   -Auditing large video catalogs for campaign analytics, discovery and SEO
  •   -Moderating and monitoring publishers to prevent advertiser discontent and loss
  •   -Using the data to trigger more relevant & valuable pre-roll and display ads
  •   -Using the raw data to support business intelligence & brand analytics
  •   -Private licensing of our API for use in legal discovery or secure environments

This all boils down to an increased knowledge of video’s content which leads to increased view counts, advertiser retention, and higher CPMs all of which result in increased revenue.


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